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J. Corrigan LLC is a licensed, bonded, and insured home repair contractor serving the West Hartford, CT area for more than 20 years. From painting and roof repair to masonry and even remodeling, we've got you covered. Don't spend you weekends trying to “do-it-yourself” when you can hire an affordable professional. Call (860) 713-8638 today for a FREE estimate.

Experienced with Commercial Properties

J. Corrigan LLC's quality restoration and repair services extend beyond of the home and into the business. All the same incredible services we provide for our home owners, we also offer to business owners.

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No Sub-Contractors

When you hire someone to do a job, you expect them to show up and do it. That's why at J. Corrigan LLC we don't hire sub-contractors. If you ask for the J. Corrigan name, you get the impeccable J. Corrigan service. In fact, Mr. John Corrigan is on-site at all our jobs. Call (860) 713-8638 today.


J. Corrigan Home Improvement painted the exterior of my house, including power washing, scraping, shutters, trim, and iron work railings. They also removed three built in air conditioning units, and patched the holes with shingles, plywood, insulation and drywall. Mr. Corrigan helped me select colors, and installed a new mailbox, letter slot and door knocker that I had purchased.

I am very pleased with J. Corrigan Home Improvement. Mr. Corrigan was responsive, professional and thorough. He answered all my questions, and was a pleasure to deal with. Mr. Corrigan's team got the job done on time, and did a great job. My house looks great. My neighbors and friends (even my picky architect friends) have all complimented it. On of my colleagues liked the work so much that she hired J. Corrigan Home Improvement to paint her house too. I think the price was fair. As with the most home improvement projects, you can always find someone cheaper. However, I think you really shoot yourself in the foot when you cheat out on exterior painting. I expect this paint job will look great for a long time. As a single woman in her thirties, I also have to comment that Mr. Corrigan and his team were polite and professional and respectful throughout the project. I have had a number of uncomfortable experiences with service providers that are really rude and nosy about the fact I own a home by myself - everything from asking me how much money I make, to incredulously asking me again and again if it's "just you" living here. Because there are so many people like that out there, I think it's especially important to recognize the professionals who get it right. In my opinion, Mr. Corrigan and his team got it right from start to finish.

Katherine L. , West Hartford, CT